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Open Cell Collection

Filtered Tips 1000ul

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These pipette tips are excellent for single channel pipetting and can be used with our P1000 or single-channel pipette models from other manufacturers such as Eppendorf, Gilson, and Starlab.

  • 8cm in length 
  • 8mm diameter at connected end 
  • made from clear, chemically resistant polypropylene 
  • free from Dnase and Rnase. 
  • Each box has 96 tips. 
  • autoclavable at 121 °C
  • Designed to prevent sample hang up and stop that annoying droplet forming on dispensation (you know what we mean!) 
  • Narrow tip allows reach into tight and high vessels

We love using these tips for…

  • Bacterial plasmid extraction
  • Protein quantification and analysis
  • Solubility measurement 
  • DNA quantification (spectroscopy)
  • High throughput screening for drug discovery

Want a sample before you buy? Go on, everybody loves samples!


P1000 Single Channel Pipette Open Cell Collection, P1000 Single Channel Eppendorf, P1000 Single Channel Gilson, P1000 Single Channel Starlab


Single Tip: L:82mm x D:8mm; Weight: 1g

Box: L:129mm x W:96mm x H:109mm; Weight: 237g



Polypropylene (PP)

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